Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The whole war on terror is an error, If your looking for the guilty party then look inwardly at the election process.

This is from someone elses question

"USA supported Bin Laden and the Taliban for years, and viewed them as Freedom fighters against the Russians?
As late as 1998, the US was paying the salary of every single Taliban official in Afghanistan? There is more oil and gas in the Caspian Sea, but you need a pipeline through Afghanistan to get that out?
UNOCAL, a giant oil conglomerate, wanted to build a 1000 mile pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea? UNOCAL spent $10,000,000,000 on geological studies for the pipeline construction, and courted the Taliban for their support in allowing the construction to begin?
All leading Taliban officials were in Texas negotiating with UNOCAL in 1998? In 1999, Taliban changed their mind and threw UNOCAL out of the country and awarded the pipeline project to a company in Argentina?
John Maresca, VP of UNOCAL testified before Congress and said no pipeline should be set until the Taliban were gone and a more friendly government was established?"