Saturday, February 23, 2008

Original sin?

Everyone dies because this is part of life.

As for Adam (upon him Peace) sin, Muslims don't consider this a sin, we do not believe that we are being punished for this sin neither are we born in sin. In fact there was many benefits gained here, one is that the envy of satan became manifest. Also Adam and Eve (upon them peace) were sent to complete the earth! Yes to complete the earth, How? Well if you have built a house and have no people in them is the house complete? It was made for someone to live there and that was its purpose. The earths purpose was to be a shelter for mankind. As far Islam is concerned every person is born pure and innocent.

If you believe that all of mankind was born in sin then was Jesus (upon him peace) born in sin then? Then was crucified for his own sins? according to you but not the Muslims who believe that he was raised into heaven and will return to kill the anti-christ - Dajjal in Arabic.

According to the Judaic noahide laws the first is a prohibition of idolatry which is what has happened in the case of Jesus (upon him peace). All the Prophets believed in God alone and that he had nor has any partners. The "sacrifice" of Jesus (upon him peace) has so many pagan roots its unbelievable, Baal, Mithra and Paul of Babylon. Look them up.