Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jesus(upon him peace) 6

When a person slanders someone then asks to respectfully engage in discussion forgive me if I am not forthcoming. I read your profile and it states you have no religion and here you are stating the Christan belief of the Trinity. This like the belief that Jesus is contradictory like your claims.

Yes I as other Muslims believe that Jesus (upon him peace) is a Prophet also that a Muslims faith is incomplete with it. Although what Muslims reject is what other christans claim he said. Even at the beginning of Christanity there are various streams of belief like the nestorians, the Ebounites etc. Some claim his divinity and others reject so even with Christanity there are various groups.

Aruis a noted christan rejected the belief of trinity even though he was forced to teach it by the Roman empire. It was the roman emperor jioined some pagan Greek beliefs and mixed it into christanity. Paul was refuted by Banarbas and thats why he left him.

Now consider the following quotes from your own bible

A cow gives birth to a cow, a chicken gives birth to chick, a dog gives birth to a dog. So how can a woman give birth to a god?

All these verse prove that he is not diety because:-Jesus talked about God as His God, but God has no God. He talked to God as if they were seperate, if he was part of the same being then why would he need to talk. He could just think.

-Jesus prayed to God instead of to himself. Did Jesus worship himself? How is that possible!!

-Jesus got hungry and thirsty (Matt. 4:2; John 19:28), but God never gets hungry or thirsty (Psalm 50:9-13; Acts 17:25). How can a deity need food? that means he needs something, how can a god be in need? This negates deity.

-Jesus was tempted by the devil (Matt.4:1 & Heb.4:15), but God cannot be tempted (James 1:13). This means that the devil can control god, how can that be correct!

-Jesus learned obedience and grew up into a mature and perfect man (Hebrews 5:9), but God never changes (James 1:17). How can god grow? so was he eternally as a child or as an adult this is cannot be.

-Jesus was born and also died, but God is everlasting.

- The father is greater than I - this means he is not equal or eternal. Negating more facts that he is not a diety

This idea of sacrificial lamb comes from the pagan deity Mythra, he was known as the sacrifice that would bring the world out of sin. Yet this could any number of pagan deity's such as Baal, who is was believed was the son of the sun, he was born on December 25th, the exact time of the winter solstice and was killed for all our sins. Early christains used to worship on saturday and then it was changed to sun-day, the day of the sun!

The verses he has quoted is prove for sacrifice which was animal sacrifice not a human one. Human sacrifices were banned by God so why would he then change his mind!
We believe that Jesus is in heaven and will return to kill the dajjal or anti-christ.
I'd advise you check out Ahmed deedats work, you can view it here, you'll have to scroll and join then you can view the video is Jesus a god?

Muslims are bound to believe in the books that God/Allah sent to previous prophets. Although we cannot be certain of the content we are can read the texts but we cannot take laws from them. I have read both the old testement and the new one.

During the nicean creed more than 200+ gospels were thrown out including the gospel of Banarbus. If he was a god then everything he said would've been perfect and wouldn't need to be edited would it? Yet there are the apocraphal gospels which cause problems to the belief of trinity.

How can a deity feel pain? when it is supposed to complete and unable to be human?If he suffered for our sins then he would have to feel pain, right?Is that why they weren't used?
If you believe that he is three part of one how can this be, When he said that the father is greater than I?