Friday, February 29, 2008

Jesus 7

You see the problem here is about how we understand God. I believe that God is all powerful and does not have any weak attributes.Also Muslims believe that God is uncreated.

So with these principles already in place, why would god need to come in the form of a man into the world.

You see an uncreated thing cannot follow rules of something thats created. If you refute this then then in your words you are bring God to the level of a human. Which is impossible when you think about it rationally.

God spoke to Moses (upon him peace) directly and this is not that he came into the created world and spoke. Gods words there were for Moses and no one else. You see you are trying to understand things using unsound logic.

God doesn't enter spirits into people, you can enter faith but if you believe this then its not something that the previous prophets. As all the previous prophets believed in God without description so if this is correct then trinity is wrong because its a pagan concept and got nothing to do with God.

Also please respond to the questions that I have posed you because all you are doing now is trying to kill me with kindess.