Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day of Judgement

On the day people will be brought into account, everything they said and did will be brought forward. People will either enter heaven or hell.

We will be brought back to life and then proceed to the pool of the Prophet we believed in, where we will be given a drink from that pool. Then we will be taken to a place that looks like the earth but isn't, it resembles a large plain.

Then Humanity will stand for thousand of years, the sun will be brought over our heads.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) will intercede for the believers, the Muslims.

With God permission he will help the Muslims on that day. Some Muslims who did bad things will enter hell for a time but will be eventually brought out. Purified of their sins and then will enter heaven.

The angels at the gates of heaven will say peace to the one who enter it. The angels who at the gates of hell will say to people who enter it, Did a Warner come to you? They will say yes but we denied them.

After this a ram will be brought and it will symbolise death and after it is killed, there will be a shout, there will be no more death, the people who are in heaven and hell are there forever.

I haven't given you all the details but i have given you a broad outline. Any questions, drop me a line.