Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sacrificial lamb

This idea of sacrificial lamb comes from the pagan deity Mythra, he was known as the sacrifice that would bring the world out of sin. Yet this could any number of pagan deity's such as Baal, who is was believed was the son of the sun, he was born on December 25th, the exact time of the winter solstice and was killed for all our sins. Early christains used to worship on saturday and then it was changed to sun-day, the day of the sun!

The verses he has quoted is prove for sacrifice which was animal sacrifice not a human one. We believe that Jesus is in heaven and will return to kill the dajjal or anti-christ.

I'd advise you check out Ahmed deedats work, you can view it here, you'll have to scroll and join then you can view the video is Jesus a god?