Saturday, March 30, 2013

Debate with Christain?

M: Are all Christains going to paradise?

C: Yes of course.

M: What about those who do not believe in the Trinity?

C: No, only those who do.

M: You said that all Christains were going to paradise before but now you are saying only those who believe in the Trinity do.

C: Yes, erm.

M: So really all Christians are not going to paradise are they?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why won't God heal amputees

This question is something that athiests normally bring up claiming its a proof that God is not all powerful because he should help amputees.

The answer is simple when a part of a person has to be removed then they have a choice. Either allow the medicial problem to kill the person or sacrfice the limb to save the person.

So this is the help. Rather than die they cut off a limb. So the help was always there. Its just another illogical argument presented by atheists.

God has already helped them because they lost a limb instead of death.