Wednesday, February 13, 2008

God: how we understand

What you have to understand here is God in his terms not in mans terms, what I mean is that there is a Christan belief that God is man, this is not how we view God in Islam.

We see his as the creator of everything and nothing is like, nor could anything come close. As I have said before compare this to man making a television, can the television understand man? Can the television accurately describe man? No why? because the television is limited. So when describes God he doing an injustice to his majesty. We describe the details as they are described in the Quran without interpreation.

So God is not a gender, neither is more than one, in fact God is one, In Arabic one is not a number, number start with two.
We worship one God that is God, the word Allah is another name for God. Christan Arabs call God Allah and in the bible translation of the Arabic they have the word Allah.