Friday, March 28, 2008

The Meaning of Jihad

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This is not about reincarnation because Muslims don't believe in that this is about being resurrected after someone has died - for the day of judgement.

Here is the tafsir for the verses;
"You make the night to pass, to enter, into the day and You make the day to pass, to enter, into the night, each of them increasing by the amount by which the other decreases; You bring forth the living from the dead, such as humans and birds, from sperm-drops and eggs [respectively]; and You bring forth the dead, the sperm-drop and the egg, from the living, and You provide, with abundant provision, whom You will without reckoning."3.27

and this is tafsir for the other verse
"How do you, people of Mecca, disbelieve in God, when you were dead, semen inside loins, and He gave you life, in the womb and in this world by breathing Spirit into you (the interrogative here is either intended to provoke amazement at their [persistent] unbelief despite the evidence established, or intended as a rebuke); then He shall make you dead, after your terms of life are completed, then He shall give you life, at the Resurrection, then to Him you shall be returned!, after resurrection, whereupon He shall requite you according to your deeds; and He states, as proof of the Resurrection, when they denied it."

Both are from the website

We do not believe in re-incartion but we believe that we die in this world and are brought back to life to be judged. There was an intial period when all the souls were together and they conversed with one another - this was before the life of this world.

A book that talks about this is called the lives of man by Imam Haddad it is well worth purchasing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fallen in love with a Muslim

I have fallen in love with a muslim but I am not one. What do I do?

In the Quran it states that if a Jewish or Christan person becomes Muslim then they will receive double the reward in paradise.

So my answer is simple become Muslim and all you are doing is completing the list of Prophets in your heart and spend eternity together in paradise. simple.

Universal belief?

You have asked an important question.

If you examine the messages of the Prophets mentioned in the bibles and the Quran. You will find one thing that is continuous which is that they call to the worship of one God without ascribing partners to God. Then the follower affirms the prophet-hood of the Prophet of their time.

The differences came after, not with, the initial message. You see the first rejection was the Jews rejecting Jesus. When Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon) came many Jews and Christan's excepted Islam at his hands and others rejected.

Islam affirms all the previous messages and their laws were valid for a time and a place. Whereas Islam is final message of monotheism for mankind coupled with the final book and the final messenger.

So the universal belief is to believe in God and a messenger of that time. So who is the valid messenger of this time. Karen Armstrong (non-Muslim) has written a book called Muhammad : a Prophet of our time. See link

Also Muslims believe in the Fitra or the primodal state of man which is to believe in God. This is inbuilt into the human condition and it can be hidden by denial but remains intact inside him.

Just to recap the universal belief is monethism and Prophethood which can be summed up the muslim creed as: "There is no deity except God and Muhammad is the Messenger."

Friday, March 21, 2008

Barnaby rogerson book

I read Rogersons book and I found most of it mixed up and some things are delierbrate errors. Really the writer does not know arabic and has made some stories up. I know I check some of them out but the greatest mistake of this book is that he does not source what he says down. Almost nothing is sourced because of this he could write what he wants and in some cases he did.

He would chop up other stories and want to plant doudt in their heart of the reader. Personally I would not read it again.

i would recommend people to read Martin lings book Muhammad : based on his earliest sources.

This is one of the best in the english language and i would recommend to anyone the writer is Muslim.

I would like to say that many non Muslims write a lot of rubbish about Islam so it better not to read their books. Unless you can break down their ideas which most people can't if that is you then don't read books about Islam by non Muslims they will cause your more harm than good.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Angels and light

Time as we understand does not exist in the grave. Its part of this world but not of it.

Someone asked my teacher about how can the angel of death take different souls from so many people on the earth?

He said that the angel are made from light, right? Earthly light can travel from the earth to the moon in 1.2 seconds. So what about light is not known of this earth because the light angels is made is not like earthly light therefore faster.

So the angels travel faster than light, so there is no problem there is there. Cool!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sufism? what is it?

Sufism is much maligned as much in western writers as it is in some eastern writers.

The correct title is Tasawwuf and this is about making an internal journey to God by becoming serious in applying the Prophetic practise.

Many opponents to this are those who are Wahabis who claim things without understanding them.

There are some people who claim that there are sufis and are clearly astray yet there are others who you can tell are rightly guided.

So the correct tasawwuf has nothing to do with external practises and is firmly rooted in the Prophetic practise.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Female Prophets in Islam

There are only two scholars who held that there could be female Prophets Tabari and Ibn Hazm not sure about the last name. The majority of other scholars agree that of the Prophets that we have evidence for all were men.

With the 25 mentioned in the Quran;
Adam Idris (Enoch) Nuh (Noah) Hud Saleh Ibrahim (Abraham) Isma'il (Ishmael) Ishaq (Isaac) Lut (Lot) Ya'qub (Jacob) Yousef (Joseph) Shu'aib Ayyub (Job) Musa (Moses) Harun (Aaron) Dhu'l-kifl (Ezekiel) Dawud (David) Sulaiman (Solomon) Ilias (Elias) Al-Yasa (Elisha) Yunus (Jonah) Zakariyya (Zechariah) Yahya (John) 'Isa (Jesus) Muhammad the final messengerMay Gods peace and blessings be upon them all.

All the evidence suggests that men were the prophets and not women. This is noted by scholars of theology who because of this evidence state that a prophet had to be a male.

You see many Prophets were killed and tortured because they called to God/Allah. So what do you think would happen to the women then? And if you read in history that men have had a far greater effect of history than women. Thats not to say that there haven't been great women there have been many; although we may not know their names.

Other prophets mentioned in Hadith are Yusha ibn Noun, Seth ibn Adam and unconfirmed king of Yeman called Tuba.

There are also different opinions about Dhul Qurnain, Luqman the wise etc.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am angry about Palestine

Allah sends us tribulations for one of two reasons.
1. To remove our sins.
2. To raise our ranks.

Thats basically it. So when tribulation hits a Muslims is not bad, its good.

Make dua for these people when you feel the least powerful but know that dua is accepted in one of three ways.

1. In the Dunya now
2. Later in the dunya
3. Or later in Paradise

So which one is better? to receive the dua as good works in paradise.

Ibn Ata'llah As-Sakandari once said,
"You have not abandoned ignorance at all, if you want something to take place in any moment other than what Allah has manifested in it.

So don't be agrieved there is always hope. Also look at the history of the last hundred years when Muslims suffered but they were patient because they understood these things.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Satanic verses in Sura Namal?

Not really this story has been fabricated which is attested to by many as 15 scholars. Also there are seperate versions of this hadith with major companions without this addition.

Muslim scholars have stated this has been fabricated by those who left Islam. So why was it recorded because Muslims recorded everything bad or good and there sifting process went on later.

Also in the popluar dictonary to Islam by Professor Ian Richard netton he confirms this is a fake story.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited sura Namal and there was an apparent interjection from satan. He was at the Kaaba and at the end of the sura they all prostrated even the disbelievers.

This is point of attack of many Orientalists and others such as the text satanic verses. All these narrations are weak and there are missing people in the chain of transmission. Said ibn Jubar (95h), Abu bakr ibn Abdurrahman, Abu A’liya and Qatada are the sources for this event.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Satellites witness truth of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

War and Muslims

To be honest I don't know where you have got this from but heres the explaination.

You said any act of violence was permitted this is false. Crops, old people, women, children, and unarmed were never harmed in fact it was prohibited to harm any of these catorgories.

The first war against the pagans of Mecca was fought with a force that out numbered the Muslims 3 to one or more. The muslims at the time had 330 men and only 7 swords most of them had sticks so you tell me does this sound like an organised army. Three years later when the pagans came again, a large trentch was dug to prevent the pagans attacking the muslims. If they were bloodthirsty why didn't they just fight back?

When the pagan were weakened and Mecca was taken from the pagans. What would you have done to nation who had punished you and your companions for nearly 20 years?
The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) let them all go and did not kill them or harm them. there was no mass killings against those who plot to fight him.

This was the exception all the other fights were when tribes would arm themselves and be on their way to medina to fight the Muslims. Therefore they had no choice but many people who hate Islam don't talk about this.

The Quran allows self defense it does not allow a muslim to go over the top then they become worse then his enemises.

Intially there was many countires who kill the messengers that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and threatened to attack them. This gave them no choice but to fight them. Ask yourself a question why wasn't Abysinna attacked? The answer is simple because they did not want to fight the Muslims.

Many conquests were either not ordered or were unautherised like Tariq ibn Zayad who was on the banks of the alps but the caliph had not given him permission to fight so far into europe. Tariq had defeated the spanish and headed for france in the early 8th centruy. The jews actually welcomed the muslims there, they actually sent messages asking for help against the Christans who where torturing them.

Read Muhammad by Martin lings and you will know what an amazing person the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) is. On the way to conquering mecca there was a dog at the side of the road who was giving birth. Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) assigned a guard to make sure the dog was not harmed. Does that sound like someone who is bloodthirsty?

Saladin was a great ruler of Islam and re-conquered Jersualam for the Muslims. Just to take you back a little the Christan Crusaders took Jersualam from the Muslims they killed every single living thing, Men, women, children, livestock, babies. There was one story about King james that they brought a Muslim baby infront of them and they cut the baby up and dined on its flesh. So what do you think Muslims did when they re-took Jersualam again? Kill all the Christans there? What do you think? Saladin said there was a gerenal amensity, anyone who wanted to stay could stay and anyone who wanted to leave could take his belongs. Where did Saladin get this from? He took it from his Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him). Saladin is revered in the west as much as he is in the east.

Also if you look at the places that were conquered by the Muslims they had a re-birth of unprecedented manner.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Reject Hadiths?

To reject hadiths is dangerous even to make fun of hadiths can be an act of disbelief in some cases based on intentions.

Many people only understand the Quran on a superfical level and do not understand grammer, rhetoric and other sciences of the Arabic language.

The whole point of Allah/God sending a messenger is to explain the messege and its book.

As for the clarity of the Quran it was complied within two years after the passing away of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and then copied were made from this master By Uthman and we still have copies of these originals now.

The hadiths were gathered much later when people started to make them up. This also began the science of checking the chain of narration and scrutinsing the people who narrated it. Did these people actually meet? were they alive at this time? Was this a rightous person?

Imam Bukhari travelled on foot for several miles to reach a man who had heard a rare hadith when he reached him. He found that he conned a donkey so he could catch it. When Imam bukhari saw this he left him and did not narrate anything from him.

The way one person who spat in the direction of the kaaba and hadiths were not taken from him because is bad manners.

Hadiths have grades strong, good, acceptable, weak or fabricated.

So do you see that hadith methodolgy is an amazing science of Islam.

If you want to query some fatwas or legal opinions know that scholars have a lot more knowledge that an idiot like me.
Its not legally binding unless you have taken it yourself, so its up to you.

Jesus (upon him peace) 8

Are you rejecting other prophets here? because if you are then you are denying the old and the new testaments. If you are rejecting other prophets is that because they did not believe in the trinity and they didn't preach it?

Are you not aware of the Christan martyrs who were massacred in the most brutal way by the romans. Are you saying their belief is incomplete? That they are going to hell because they don't believe in the trinity?

How do you know it was Jesus? Did have a beard? wear sandles? Like Muslims do now?

Jesus said, "the father is greater than I" Meaning that they are not the same or similar which negates his divinity.

He also would pray to God and look towards the heavens, why would he need to do that if he was a god? all he would have to do is look inside himself!

Don't you see how flawed this all is? How God can never enter the world. Please let me explain. created things need time and space to be and God is uncreated and needs neither time or space to be anywhere. so according to you god has forced time and space onto himself and entered the earth!

Don't you know how ridiculous this sounds how can this be? The answer is this is not monethiesm and against Gods own commandments. Why would he send law down and then change it? It does not make any sense.

We are not talking about any fool like me here we are talking about the creator of the known and unknown universe here.

So you must now conclude this is impossible


I read an interesting line in the shakespeare play Macbeth.

Lady macbeth has nightmares about the murder of king Duncan that she and her husband macbeth did.

She would sleepwalk and then be seen by her servants. She would look at her hands and dream that there were full of the kings blood.

She once said, "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand." As she would fane washing them.

Act five scene one

Reform Islam?

The crazy thing about this reform movement is that if someone actually rejects an authentic hadith that person becomes a disbeliever. Also if someone denies something about the Quran or Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) then he becomes a disbeliever. With the important condition that its something definite.

Islam does need reforming muslims do. If someone is lazy then just admit your laziness, I would respect you more but to try to change the religion then some of them are following the Christans out of faith into Athiesm and will become disbelievers without knowing it.