Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Other religions and times

I am Muslim so I going to explain it how I understand it, you may not agree that fine.

Muslims believe that all the Prophets (upon them peace) preached monotheism and acceptance of their message in their respective time and place.

Each prophet’s message was valid in that time and place until other laws were revealed which abrogated those laws. I wish now to go the leading figures, three in particular.

Moses had the Old Testament, which was lost in diaspora and what was remember was eventually recorded. Now in the time between this was Prophets who backed up Moses (upon him peace) message until the promised Messiah came, Jesus (upon him peace). He was sent to the black sheep of the tribe of Israel, Jesus had the new testament which abrogated certain laws in the old. Jesus (upon him peace) lived like a Jew, he did not change anything other than what he was commanded. It was Paul who separated Judaism and Christianity not with Jesus (upon him peace).

Then if this was meant to be then why didn't Jesus (upon him peace) do it himself. He was the one who was able to do this, answer is that this was separation of the true faith that was with Abraham, which was pure monotheism. So could Christianity consider as a sect of Judaism?

One of the sons of Abraham (upon him peace) was Ishmael who left in the desert with his mother. From these Children tribes became clans and the final Prophet rose from here, he was called Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
SO this begins from Adam (upon him peace) and finishes with Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Now Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon) was given the Quran, some old rites of pilgrimage to Mecca are from Abraham (upon him peace). Stoning the devil, running between the two mountains, the sacred water -Zam Zam.

Other laws are extra like praying five times etc. Now, the difference with the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is that his message was valid from his Prophethood until the end of time, including this time.

Islam makes it pillar of faith to believe in the Prophets, some of which I have mentioned.

Just to summarise each religion, holy text was valid until it was abrogated by the following text. Islam is the final message, the final religion for man.

As for people going to hell, this is not my place to say anything except this depends on personal circumstances and if the person rejects truth, if they have had the ability to accept it, what time and place they were, ability etc. Its not straight forward by any means.

If I have confused you please email me so we can discuss it further or so I can clarify some points. Good luck.