Monday, January 07, 2008

Women in Islam

Before answering the question people are not equal in Islam. The better Muslim is not equal to the worst, peity is what seperates people and this does not depend on gender.

There is a lot of misleading information out there. Some has been twisted by those who hate Islam. I wish I could say it another way but thats how it is.

Okay Women in Islam are elevated from being an object who wear scant clothing, to women who are modest in their clothing. What I mean is that women in Islam are dressed to impress God/Allah and not dressed to impress men.
Which is not always the case.

Many men treat women differently according to their dress.
A Hindi convert to Islam commented on this when she came to England, she was surprised the women were treated in this way and found it demeaning to women.

A lot of the bad press is from people who are culturally expressing there desire to control the woman, not from the religion. Many cases can be cited but you could find a pattern, if men hurt women that's because of their sicknesses.

It is true that a woman's testimony in court is worth half that of a man. This is because it is difficult to watch an evil action for a normal person and a woman is naturally squeamish. Also a woman is more likely to be cohereced into giving up here testimony than a man. But there are other cases that only a womans testimony can be accepted and not a mans which is the case of milk nursing or wet nursing. Also if she was a female Judge could she overrule other men's words.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said, "Heaven is at the feet of your mothers." What this is understood as that Heaven is the service of mothers. This was not said about the father.

You see Islam gave the freedom for women to inherit in the 7th century something that Christianity was never able to do and only recently with the abandonment of Christianity have we seen women inherit.

There are many examples that I could bring seen as marriage is also a hot topic please read the following rights for women in a marriage. If you have anymore questions please contact me. I would recommend L. Ahmeds book on Women in Islam you can find it on

For someone looking at it from the outside it might seem unequal but that because only some of the picture is shown, when you see the entire picture it makes a lot more sense.

Here are some marriage rights

I would just like to share some information about women’s rights that I have just found out. The woman has the right to have the similar levels of food as she had before she was married. In terms of quality.

He does not have to cook or clean for him. she can refuse and he would have to pay for someone to do it.

He can refuse to life with the in laws and demand her own house.

She has the right to take money from him if he is tight fisted.

She has the right to the mahr which is a wedding gift from the husband. If she wants a divorce she pays some of this back.

She cannot be forced into a marriage, if she is she can walk away.