Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What is all this nonsense about Muslims worshiping a "moon god"?

Basically some Christan evangelist made this up and said that because Muslims use the symbol of the crescent; that was the symbol of the moon idol in Mecca.

This is rubbish because this is not a symbol universally used by Muslims, the Shia refuse this. Also it wasn't until the 16 century when it was used so how could this hold any water?


The video above explain it is more detail.

Another response

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Islam doesn't have the moon as its symbol

Its never used the moon as a symbol. The crest was taken by the Ottomans in the 16th century and used from there because it used to symbolise Mary mother of Jesus.

Numbers don't mean anything, in the tradition there are states are what Islam is build on.

The veneration of the Kaaba originated from the remnants of the Abrahamic religion. Abraham (upon him peace) the founder of monotheism build the Kaaba with his son Ismael and the hajj rituals and fasting have some Abrahamic root. This is historically proven because there people just before the advent of Islam that were known to be on the religion of Abraham.

Please find more reference and I will prove you that there is no foundation to your claim.

You see the trinity negates all the belief systems of the entire previous prophets whats the first and second commandment, there is one God and do not make idols of me. this means that Moses did not believe in the trinity does that mean he is not going to heaven? no so where does the fault lie? The Trinity was an idea formed in the 4th century and many Christan monotheist refused this like Arius.

So dear friend what you say need to be proved and this cannot be. because not all groups except the crescent.

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