Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Death and Islam

When a person dies, his body is buried, his soul goes up to heaven and will either float or be thrown down. Depending on the life and belief he followed.

He will be in the grave where he will be questioned by two angels about;

1. Who is your Lord?

2. What is your religion?

3. What do you say about this man? (He will be shown a picture of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

Depending on the truthfulness of his answers and of course the life he led. He will either be punished or shown a window to paradise.

The soul will be told to rest and be resurrected in body on Judgement day. On Judgement day a trumpet will be blown that will destroy everything that Allah wills, then second blow everything that died will be resurrected. The third and final blow will be the beginning of the day of judgement.

Then there records will be brought out for their actions to be judged, scary isn't it?

Also after the accounting there will cross the sirat which is a bridge over hell. It will be different for each person. I have left out many details.

That's it! This will happen to everyone.