Saturday, March 01, 2008

Reject Hadiths?

To reject hadiths is dangerous even to make fun of hadiths can be an act of disbelief in some cases based on intentions.

Many people only understand the Quran on a superfical level and do not understand grammer, rhetoric and other sciences of the Arabic language.

The whole point of Allah/God sending a messenger is to explain the messege and its book.

As for the clarity of the Quran it was complied within two years after the passing away of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and then copied were made from this master By Uthman and we still have copies of these originals now.

The hadiths were gathered much later when people started to make them up. This also began the science of checking the chain of narration and scrutinsing the people who narrated it. Did these people actually meet? were they alive at this time? Was this a rightous person?

Imam Bukhari travelled on foot for several miles to reach a man who had heard a rare hadith when he reached him. He found that he conned a donkey so he could catch it. When Imam bukhari saw this he left him and did not narrate anything from him.

The way one person who spat in the direction of the kaaba and hadiths were not taken from him because is bad manners.

Hadiths have grades strong, good, acceptable, weak or fabricated.

So do you see that hadith methodolgy is an amazing science of Islam.

If you want to query some fatwas or legal opinions know that scholars have a lot more knowledge that an idiot like me.
Its not legally binding unless you have taken it yourself, so its up to you.