Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jesus (upon him peace) 8

Are you rejecting other prophets here? because if you are then you are denying the old and the new testaments. If you are rejecting other prophets is that because they did not believe in the trinity and they didn't preach it?

Are you not aware of the Christan martyrs who were massacred in the most brutal way by the romans. Are you saying their belief is incomplete? That they are going to hell because they don't believe in the trinity?

How do you know it was Jesus? Did have a beard? wear sandles? Like Muslims do now?

Jesus said, "the father is greater than I" Meaning that they are not the same or similar which negates his divinity.

He also would pray to God and look towards the heavens, why would he need to do that if he was a god? all he would have to do is look inside himself!

Don't you see how flawed this all is? How God can never enter the world. Please let me explain. created things need time and space to be and God is uncreated and needs neither time or space to be anywhere. so according to you god has forced time and space onto himself and entered the earth!

Don't you know how ridiculous this sounds how can this be? The answer is this is not monethiesm and against Gods own commandments. Why would he send law down and then change it? It does not make any sense.

We are not talking about any fool like me here we are talking about the creator of the known and unknown universe here.

So you must now conclude this is impossible