Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moon idol and Islam?

This is another fabrication. The Christians claim that hubal an old idol was a moon. This is a great fabrication of the truth. If you watch the film the message it clearly shows hubal as being a large red warrior like figure. In the book Foreign policy of the Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) he is described as, "Hubal, the figure of a man carved in red agate and holding seven wingless arrows in his hands." p.11

Also when the one of the pagan Quresh taunted the Muslims with the battle cry was, "Hubal, show your superiority!" (Ibid p. 209)

So this cleary states that it was not a idol of the moon. In fact Islam is a new religion. Also note all the pagan Quresh were horriffed about this new religion, if it was an old pagan symbol then why would the pagans have such a problem with it? Answer is that it was something new a religion without the old paganism. A new religion from the legacy of all the Prophets (upon them all peace.)