Saturday, May 17, 2008

Violent verses of the bible

Violent Verses of the bible

Numbers 31:17
"Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately."

Revelation 2:23
"'And I will kill her children with pestilence, and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts; and I will give to each one of you according to your deeds"

Acts 27:42
"The soldiers' plan was to kill the prisoners, so that none of them would swim away."

John 10:10
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly"

Leviticus 7:2
"'In the place where they slay the burnt offering they are to slay the guilt offering, and he shall sprinkle its blood around on the altar."

John 8:37
"I know that you are Abraham's descendants; yet you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you."

Matthew 21:38
"But when the vine-growers saw the son, they said among themselves, 'This is the heir; come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance."

Judges 16:2
"When it was told to the Gazites, saying, "Samson has come here," they surrounded the place and lay in wait for him all night at the gate of the city. And they kept silent all night, saying, "Let us wait until the morning light, then we will kill him."

John 7:19
"Did not Moses give you the Law, and yet none of you carries out the Law? Why do you seek to kill Me?"

Leviticus 20:16
"If there is a woman who approaches any animal to mate with it, you shall kill the woman and the animal; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them."

Revelations 6:8
"I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth."

King 5:7
"When the king of Israel read the letter, he tore his clothes and said, "Am I God, to kill and to make alive,"

Luke 11:49
"For this reason also the wisdom of God said, 'I will send to them prophets and apostles, and some of them they will kill and some they will persecute,"

Exodus 22:24
"and My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless."
"If, however, a man acts presumptuously toward his neighbor, so as to kill him craftily, you are to take him even from My altar, that he may die."

2 kings 10:25
"Go in, kill them; let none come out." And they killed them with the edge of the sword."

Esther 8:11
"to destroy, to kill and to annihilate the entire army of any people or province which might attack them, including children and women, and to plunder their spoil,"

Judges 8:20
"Rise, kill them."

2 Kings 11:15
"Bring her out between the ranks, and whoever follows her put to death with the sword."

Ezekiel 34:3
"you kill them that are fed."

Nehemiah 4:11
"kill them and put a stop to the work."

Ezekiel 26:11
"With the hoofs of his horses he will trample all your streets. He will slay your people with the sword."

Horea 2:3
"Lest I strip her naked, and set her as in the day that she was born, and make her as a wilderness, and set her like a dry land, and slay her with thirst."

I Samuel 19:11
"Then Saul sent messengers to David's house to watch him, in order to put him to death in the morning."

Habakkuk 1:17
"Will they therefore empty their net And continually slay nations without sparing?"

And there are many more on this link.