Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Armenian genocide?

This is the most ludicrous lie that has ever been fabricated by the Europeans against the Ottoman empire. Here are the reasons why it was not genocide.

The massacres that were said to be reported were sourced by christian missionaries who hated the Turks. The reports came on the day or the day after the events were reported. The only problems with that was that the lands in which the events took place were so remote that it would take seven days for someone to travel to by horse because there was no road. So how they be reports from those areas when their was insufficient time for the reports to come back! Simple these were fabricated reports.

Also note that the Armenians were promised their own country and even though they lived under Ottoman rule for hundreds of years they saw themselves as the rightful owners to Anatolia.

They had a stranglehold on the Ottoman military supply line which prevented them from fighting against the Russians when they needed to the most. Also Armenians gangs were randomly massacring Muslims which lead the Ottomans to send their troops to protect the civilians.

There was killings that were performed in retaliation but with one stark difference any Ottoman general who had ordered killings was convicted.

Also note that in places were the Armenians had not revolted their lives were not threatened. So does this sound like genocide? It does not and it is the greatest lie against the Ottoman empire.

Need sources? Look of works of Dr Justin McCarthy.