Monday, February 09, 2009

A Christans questions part two

His questions

Thanks for getting back. I know we are not going to agree on the death and resurrection of Jesus and you know that I do not agree that worshiping Jesus is polytheism - since the Father and Jesus are one.

In John 20 Thomas who like you didn't believe in the resurrection met the resurrcted Jesus. He then got on his knees and declared Jesus to be "My Lord and my God!" Jesus' reply was not - "Wait on there Thomas - you are falling out of the frying pan of disbelieve into the fire of herresy!" No it was "How slow you are to believe". Jesus accepted the ultimate worship - the declaration of "My Lord and my God!" Unless Jesus is God then Jesus could not even be considered as a prophet.

I was interested that you state that Christianity has 'no more importance' because it has been rejected by Western Societies. Western societies have rejected religion and God per se - not just Christianity - so the Muslim faith is in the same boat in this one. Your argument suggests that if it has been rejected by one particular culture then this in some way disproves Christianity as being true. In fact there are more people who profess to be Christians in the world (2.1 billion) then there are Muslim (1.5 billion). [Christianity in the largest populated country in the world (China) is growing fast]. This means that more people in the world have rejected the Muslim faith than Christianity.

However, this still proves nothing: Western culture have accepted homosexuality as being acceptable - this doesn't make its attitude true!

Thank you for your very interesting point about how Jesus and the Prophets prayed - I think laying prostrate on the ground is a good way of praying, (there is a real reverence in this!) but not the only way. In John 17 v1 for example, Jesus 'looked toward heaven and prayed'.


Our response

Dear Brother

In Islam the understanding of God makes logical sense which is something that cannot be found in Christanity, as it illogical on every level, please let me explain.

In Islam,

a) God is uncreated

b) is all powerful

c) everything is in need of him and he needs nothing

d) there is nothing like God in existance

e) it is in line with the belief of all the Prophets (peace be upon him)

In Christanity You say that God and Jesus are one but at the end of your email you said that Jesus looked to the heavens and supplicated. John 17 v1 for example, Jesus 'looked toward heaven and prayed'.

Now if they are one why would he feel the need to look up and supplicate? This is illogical because if I have a pain in my foot then the foot does tell me that I need to examine the pain, I know straight away. This disproved that they are one being.

The second commandment states not to make and idol of God now you are saying that they are one, so the Christan belief negates God's own law!

Third, you belief that God needed the following:

a) a woman to bear part of him,

b) that he had an adolensence,

c) he needs to eat

d) he needs to go to toilet

e) he needs to wash his body

f) he needs to comb his hair

So you belief that this is your God? This sounds like a human being NOT GOD.

Most Christans that I have met do not look seriously or logically at their religion it is blind belief without the necessary back up of logic.

Many Christan preists have written essays on how the Muslim religion has a great number of worshippers in their congrejations like on the friday prayer. Some have said that they wished they had as many worshippers as the Muslims do on friday. Nevermind the amount of worshippers on the Eid prayers.

Christans count athiests as part of their religion as well, which no other religion do. Most people in the Uk, US and Europe are athiests who do not conform to any religion.

As for Islam it contines to grow yearly as more people come into Islam and of course the birth rates play a part in this. So even if you accept that the smaller number is wrong and the larger number is right, then Jesus himself was wrong because he has about 12 followers in his lifetime and most people were pagans.

There are very few Christans who are honest with me when debating even when they are presented with these facts which to any inteligent thinking person would accept straight away.

Peace out