Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moon refutation

As for Allah being a pagan name for a moon diety this can be easily refuted.

Heres seven reasons which refute them.

Christan missionaries claim there was a deity in the shape of a moon, but if you look the symbol is not a moon, its a cresent. Thats number one

2. The Cresent is not accepted by all the muslims some do not put it onto there mosques.

3. The pagan deity hubal was in the shape of man, so if they were worshipping a man. why was the first action of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) when entering mecca to destroy ever idol present there.

4. The cresent was taken up as a symbol of Islam by the Ottomans when the conquered constantinople. As there is was the sign of Mary mother of Jesus, it symbolised purity.

5. The name Allah is the same semetic root as the word ilohim in hebrew and "im" here is a plural of respect leaving Iloh which is the same word as what Jesus used whilst on the cross. "Mark 16.34 Jesus cried in a loud voice, "E-loI, E-loI La ma sa-bach'tha-ni" Which is, "My God, My God why have you forsaken me!"

Eloi means my God from the same word.

6. The Jews had the name Abdullah which means slave of Allah or slave of God.

7. To add to this point the pre-islamic Arabs would write agreements with, "Bisik Allahumma," which means in your name Allah.

8. This name predates all religions and it goes back to the Prophet Adam (upon him peace) pre-dating Islam! The word Allah is known and was known as the ultimate name of God.

This is enough for those who see with their hearts, as well as their eyes.