Thursday, April 10, 2008

Slavery and Islam

The problem here is that when people think of slavery they imagine the horriffic treatment given to slaves by the europeans and coloninal americans. they wer just treated like a product basically.

Many did not even survive the trans atalantic trip. Some slaves were brought and others were captured, destined never to see their families again.

In Islam a slave has rights, they can agree a price and gain freedom, they would eat what their master ate, they would dress as their masters would and be in similar housing.

There is one story how one of the american delgates went to see a saudi king in the 60's and the slave of the saudi man.Gave the food and sat on the same table and ate the same food with the king. the delegate was furious and the king explained thats how we treat our slaves. You have to remember that even after freedom and the abolishement of slavery that there was still segregation. Whites with whites and blacks with blacks.

Rose parks was one the women who refused and caused havoc when she asked why she should sit at the back of the bus and the whites could sit at the front.

Personally I still think slavery exsists through child labour and slave labour the only difference now is that they stay in their own countires and are persecuted there. Many designer labels, carpet manufacturers, ore suppliers and many other businesses have children working for them.

So look again and forget what you know about slavery in europe and read something about the slaves in Islam.

Just to finish off one of greatest things a muslim could do was to free a slave, it was abolished because the economny depended on such trade. but it was far.

There is a story that Ali ibn abu talib - one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) - brought two sets of clothes, one was harsh and the other was soft. He gave his slave a choice and the slave choose the soft one. His master Ali wore the hard one.

Does this sound like anything you know about slaves and their masters?